Marja van Zetten

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Sir Winston Churchill, Former British Prime Minister

Marja van Zetten – Personal and Human Relations Educator, Dublin.

When I became a PRH (Personal and Human Relations) educator I also entered into the phase of having my own enterprise. Meaning I needed to get my own clients for workshops on personal development and a clientele for seeing people on a one-to-one.

The difficulty that I experienced was that PRH is unknown to people in Ireland, even though we are in existence for 20 years in Ireland. Our way of promoting ourselves was more or less through word of mouth. The last few years this way of promoting was not enough. So that is why I decided to take on a business coach – to promote PRH and to grow in the numbers of people experiencing PRH.

The benefits I derived from taking on a business coach

Over 18 months I have experienced an increase in my business:

At a personal level I feel confident in my ability to run a business. I have experienced with the help of my business coach Helen Burns a great clarity in how to move my business forward. The step by step approach, the weekly goal sheet is helping me to stay focused. At a personal level it is not only the business that grows as I am growing with it and I just love the adventure of growth.

I will recommend to all people just starting or who are already in business to take on a business coach. Why? Because the business coach stays objective, stays in reality of what is possible and what is not. I experience a deep commitment from my business coach to help my business grow through her encouragement, belief and support that I could do it. And you know what I CAN! I enjoy the whole experience of working together towards growth in business and in my personal life. Go for it!!