Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” -Anthony Volodkin, Hype Machine Founder

Rhyno Mills, Castleisland – Paudie O’Connor

The business had development potential but we were unwilling to grow the business without the proper management structures in place. To facilitate that process we bought into Helen Burns and ActionCOACH 12 Month Gold Coaching Programme. Helen made us see that we were spending most of our time working ‘in’ our business rather than ‘on it’. Helen and ActionCOACH are showing us how to maximise gross profits, manage cash flow while controlling overheads and have made an invaluable contribution to our business.

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Munster Fire & Safety –Willie & Claire O’Leary

We have been working with Helen for over a year now, and can see a considerable difference in our business and in ourselves.  We have gained control over our debtors – which was the first thing we needed to tackle.  We know from our work with Helen that each thing we tackle from here on will be done methodically and in a way that is workable.  She has empowered us, we feel motivated and can’t wait to see what we achieve with her help in the next year. 

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Denis Mac Mahon, Mac’s of Main Street, Killarney  

I choose ACTION because the business was running my life…….whilst we had some measuring and systems in place, when we joined ACTION we began totally systemising, testing and measuring all aspects of our business. I now enjoy life with a business which is run by systems and brilliant team members. My turnover and profits have increased by over 30% also.

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Dermot Kerins – Outlook Gardens, Co. Dublin  

Since signing up with Helen, I haven’t looked back, we have made amazing changes to the business and by applying some of the simple techniques that Helen has taught us we have seen an increase in our gross and net profit margin. We now have tighter control on all aspects of the business, and I have a focus each week with our coaching call and find the whole system excellent with a major focus on results. 

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 Keith Sheehan, Managing Director, Helbre Construction Ltd, Tralee, Co Kerry.   

The most important business decision of my life, was to take ActionCOACH Business Coaching on board. Before Helen came on board I was working 80 hours+ a week, I am now working 45 hours approximately a week and taking on twice the amount of business that I could have done before. Action will teach you how to systemise your business in such a way that you can increase your productivity, your profits, and have a lot more time for other interests.  

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Mairead O’Riordan  & Associates, The Physiotherapy Clinic, Maynooth, Co. Kildare 

TherapyXperts have set high goals and Helen has to date ensured that we have reached and exceeded each goal we set in the past twelve months. Helen and the Action Coaching System has also given me the tools to bring a brilliant idea to fruition.   I envisage a long and successful working relationship as we move through the steps to make our business a major player on the international healthcare scene.   

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Murphy & Evans Solicitors, Colm Murphy

The experience of having a business coach in a period of transition has been successful for me for two reasons. First, the message being taught is fundamental to all businesses; a simple and dynamic philosophy which anyone interested in making a living out of their business can follow with an objective to put you in control of the enterprise rather than the other way around. Second, having a coach with me for a definite period of time to support and push me with my objectives and targets is much more effective than attending a management course where you only pick up a certain amount of knowledge which you rapidly forget or fail to implement. 

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Marja van Zetten  PRH Educator, Dublin 

I decided to take on a business coach – to promote PRH and to grow in the numbers of people experiencing PRH. Not only did Helen Burns give me great clarity in how to move my business forward but always created huge quantifiable changes. These include an increase of 215% in the number of clients, 246% in turnover, and an increase of 408% in profits.

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Partition Craft Interiors – Mary Moore, Director, Partition Craft Interiors, Dublin.

It is 12 months since Helen Burns came on board with Partition Craft Interiors as our business coach. Since then we have learnt so much about our own business and how to take control. The biggest win of all is being able to make decisions and take action, to move the business forward. Helen has taught, helped and motivated us. We are extremely grateful for having had Helen Burns as a business coach, which has changed the way we do business forever.

Ireland Walk Hike Bike, Linda Woods

18 months on our ActionCOACH Journey, loving and hating it, struggling but blossoming; our business focus has come on in leaps and bounds. We are ahead on targets and far more systemised than ever before. Helen makes us aware of the importance of celebrating our successes and also striving for more. We still have a long way to go, but with Helen watching over us (a bit like our private guardian angel), I have every confidence to grow and flourish as we take it to greater heights year on year. 

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