Rhyno Mills Testimonial

Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” -Anthony Volodkin, Hype Machine Founder

Paudie O’Connor – Rhyno Mills, Castleisland, Co Kerry

Rhyno Mills is a medium sized long established family business. The business had development potential but we were unwilling to grow the business without the proper management structures in place. To facilitate that process we bought into Helen Burns and ActionCOACH 12 Month Gold Coaching Program. We were skeptical about “coaching” and wary of being disturbed from our comfort zones. We decided to engage with the process and see what emerged.

Not long after starting with Helen she made us see that we were spending most of our time working “in” our business rather than “on” our business. When we started to work “on”¬†our business we realised that we did have the management capacity, ability and experience to drive the business and seek its potential. One of our first projects was to hire a full time in-house management accountant, Helen’s ActionCOACH recruitment system was used to let us sell the company to potential recruits and they to sell themselves to us. The innovative group interviews system used was a rewarding experience for all involved and ultimately provided the company with a positive outcome.

Helen’s ActionCOACH Team and Sales Days were fun, engaging and rewarding. Our staff have now a greater understanding of how our business operates and the value of their individual contributions. We have had very positive feedback from our team.

We are currently systemising all functions within the business. We will then examine our processes, eliminate inefficiencies and implement improvements. Helen and ActionCOACH are showing us how to maximise gross profits, manage cash flow while controlling overheads.

The process is ongoing and we are confident that we will soon be in a position to maximise the potential in our business. Helen and ActionCOACH have made an invaluable contribution.